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BasisCode Compliance™ is the first compliance software company to reverse engineer a complete governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution, that includes Code of Ethics administration, in a fully integrated and always audit-ready architecture.

Designed with the entire risk mitigation cycle in mind – the assessment and ranking of risk, the execution of controls that mitigate those risks and ongoing monitoring which allows you to continually evaluate the performance of your program and efficiently identify areas of weakness.

Risk Cycle

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Maximizing the Potential of Your Consulting Partnership

BasisCode for Consultants enables consultancies to supplement their services with a robust GRC technology infrastructure designed to optimize their own service delivery, security framework and each clients’ audit-readiness.

The BasisCode Marketplace comprises the industry’s leading compliance consulting firms and was designed to help financial services firms identify partners that value technology as part of a complete solution.

Key Functionality of our Comprehensive Compliance Management Suite

Paperless platform centralizes the compliance effort while providing a secure process to capture event details and documents

Mobile App accessibility reduces barriers of adoption, increases data accuracy and engagement from employees

Flexible system architecture supports user defined workflows to mirror firm specific policies and rules

Integrated framework ensures evidence is always linked to procedures

APIs, Web Hooks and SSO all support the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems

Reduce risk exposure and liability by eliminating error-prone manual processes

Saves time by automating tasks, notifications and data collection

Supports firm goals of audit-readiness archiving all records and cases making it easy to export for regulatory exams