Getting Started

With decades of technology, financial and compliance expertise, our team can quickly get you up to speed transitioning manual processes to our integrated compliance software platform. Our team has decades of experience designing, developing and managing enterprise compliance systems for a broad spectrum of clients, from the leanest to the largest.

As part of our on-boarding process, we help you:

  • tailor business processes,
  • set up your calendar and schedule activities to help improve your compliance program.
  • define certifications as well as distribution and approval groups,
  • replace hardcopy documents with powerful compliance technology, such as our Forms Studio, a flexible tool that lets employees submit forms online so you can better manage unscheduled or ad-hoc compliance-related events.

Once our compliance software is set up to support your business environment, authorized staff will be able to:

  • Filter, sort and automatically initiate actions based on flexible parameters
  • View an intuitive, consolidated dashboard of activity and action items in order of priority/due date
  • Define processing rules, such as order of distribution routing and designated approvers
  • Set reminders and thresholds that trigger alerts to monitor high-exposure compliance issues
  • Tailor tests, forms, quizzes, templates, application views and reports with user-defined fields
  • Search for data and documents and create queries for your most frequently run reports
  • Easily modify our compliance technology platform as your environment and needs change

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