Our Company

Founded in 2011, BasisCode Compliance LLC was the first compliance software company to reverse engineer a complete governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution, including Code of Ethics administration. The cloud-based, audit-ready software platform is scalable, fully integrated and manages the risk lifecycle from identification to resolution.

Over a decade ago, the core BasisCode team recognized that cobbling together single function, non-integrated compliance systems based on spreadsheets, email and paper was entirely unsuitable for the increasing demands and complexity of financial compliance regulations.

The BasisCode platform automated compliance tracking and administration with a suite of software solutions delivered in a secure Cloud environment to firms of all sizes, from local to international.

BasisCode has created a community of compliance officers, professionals and consultants that work together to achieve a common goal – safeguard clients’ assets, reduce risk and manage money most efficiently. The community is supported by access to stellar resources and ongoing team support.

More than 400 organizations globally use BasisCode, and the client renewal is 99.9%.

BasisCode’s core compliance functions and personal trading and insider trading solutions offer effective regulatory compliance for financial services firms across the industry, including: