BasisCode for Consultants

This groundbreaking regulatory compliance management system has been designed specifically for compliance consulting firms to optimize the way they deliver their services and add value to their overall working relationships with their clients.

Expanding upon our robust compliance and risk management framework, BasisCode for Consultants standardizes service delivery and management of regulatory compliance programs while simultaneously providing consultants the ability to customize services on a client by client basis. It simplifies day-to-day functions and adds transparency to client processes and services resulting in improved profitability.

Centralize and Standardize

Recognizing the importance of efficiency, organization and the ability to standardize the deliverables a Consultancy aims to achieve the BasisCode Compliance™ for Consultants suite centralizes all compliance related data and risk mitigation processes, enabling consultants to more effectively manage compliance programs on behalf of their clients. This system was designed prioritizing the way Consultancies streamline onboarding of new clients and standardize their service delivery all while  adding transparency and measuring performance.

Comprehensive and Consolidated

With BasisCode for Consultants, consultants can easily manage their entire client base utilizing a single, dynamic dashboard view enabling:

  • Consolidated view of action items across multiple consultants and multiple clients
  • Easy multi-client set-up to support instant toggle between client views
  • The establishment of pre-defined and staged tests, certifications, risk assessment models and forms to be leveraged as a starting point for each new client onboarding

Create a Scalable and Competitive Business Model

Consultants can easily demonstrate that they are optimizing their efficiencies in service delivery with the BasisCode for Consultants platform. Furthermore, because of the platform’s hallmark audit-ready capabilities, both Consultant and Client take peace of mind knows that all documents are easily extractable at the time of a regulatory examination. By leveraging a shared web-based portal, Consultants can easily collaborate with their clients securely, creating transparency and strengthening client relationships. Including technology as part of an overall service delivery:

  • Makes for a more competitive consulting practice
  • Enhances the implementation of compliance program and strengthens controls
  • Improves overall staff performance, productivity, and transparency
  • Increases the operational efficiency and ability to scale services to meet client requirements

Showcase your Brand

BasisCode provides the opportunity for Consultants to participate in our Consultant Marketplace to showcase their products and services to existing BasisCode clients.

The BasisCode Marketplace offers Consultant listings where firms can view firm profiles, products, and services to engage with them directly, knowing they value technology as much as they do.