E-Book: A Guide to Audit-Readiness

When the SEC calls your number, can you easily extract and deliver the evidence? Or will there be widespread failures and issues that show up annually?

Audit readiness combines best practices compliance processes and testing, with dedicated resources to ensure a dynamic and perennial compliance program that is able to inform business decisions appropriately.

In this Guide to Audit-Readiness, we offer insights on problems, processes and solutions required for a best practices compliance management program.

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Within This E-Book We'll Explore

Common Program Challenges

The Roles Compliance Partners Can Play

Key Steps to Ensuring Audit-Readiness

Why BasisCode?

For over a decade, BasisCode Compliance™ has been reverse engineering complete governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, that include Code of Ethics administration, in a fully integrated and always audit-ready architecture.

Designed with the entire risk mitigation cycle in mind – the assessment and ranking of risk, the execution of controls that mitigate those risks and ongoing monitoring which allows you to continually evaluate the performance of your program and efficiently identify areas of weakness.