A Message to BasisCode Compliance Clients Regarding COVID-19

Dear Client:

The world looks entirely different today as we face the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are struck by the way in which people have pulled together and adapted to a new environment to ensure their safety and the safety of others.

At BasisCode Compliance, we know that in these uncertain times, our clients and partners are facing operational uncertainty and volatility with a degree of confidence thanks to the technological advancements that make working from home a viable possibility today.

Having the proper systems in place to maintain their work connections, while allowing people to also protect the well-being of their families, is paramount. The BasisCode team has worked hard to ensure our clients have the tools needed to maximize your firm’s effectiveness during these times.

COVID-19 Offer

In response to these uncertain times, we are offering existing clients (complimentary for all of 2020) additional “Dashboard Users” for access to one of our leading consultants to assist with any temporary needs. Contact a consultant of your choice from the “Market”. If it’s a good fit, simply add them as a Dashboard User to your environment.

From the BasisCode team, stay safe, be well, remain connected.

Yours truly,

Carlos Guillen,
President and CEO
BasisCode Compliance LLC.