Cipperman Compliance Services Implements BasisCode Compliance Software Platform

WAYNE, Pa and ATLANTA, November 15, 2016 – Cipperman Compliance Services LLC (, a leading provider of regulatory compliance services for investment advisers, registered and private funds, broker-dealers and money managers that collectively manage more than $40 billion in assets, is implementing BasisCode Compliance LLC’s software platform to improve compliance management for its global clients.

BasisCode Compliance is the industry’s most comprehensive software that improves compliance management for financial firms, compliance consultants, law firms and other service providers.  The software simplifies and centralizes compliance management, ranging from compliance testing and risk assessment to trading surveillance, insider trading and staff certifications. The rules-based engine makes it easy for users to modify workflow logic throughout the compliance management lifecycle.

“In the financial services and investment management industries, building a culture of compliance requires the implementation of effective compliance technologies by the best compliance professionals who can assess, interpret and react to the data,” said Todd Cipperman, founding principal of Cipperman Compliance.  “Our decision to partner with BasisCode as the best-of-breed compliance management software will ensure better regulatory outcomes and allow our expert team of compliance professionals to focus their time and effort on making judgments and providing advice to our rapidly expanding client base.”

Compliance officers face greater scrutiny than ever, with regulators naming and prosecuting them for not only malfeasance but increasingly for negligence as well.  Compliance outsourcing has become commonplace as regulatory pressures compel registrants to improve compliance processes and procedures to reduce firm and client risk.  Additionally, regulators have indicated that they might require third-party compliance reviews of regulated entities within the coming year.

With registrants facing this combination of pressures, outsourced providers like Cipperman Compliance are working to quickly scale their infrastructures to support greater processing volumes effectively and efficiently.

BasisCode Compliance centralizes the industry’s broadest range of functionality within a single platform, increasing compliance management processing visibility.  The BasisCode Dashboard displays a consolidated inventory of a firm’s program while the BasisCode Portal engages consultants, supervisors as well as non-supervisory staff in maintaining a culture of compliance.

“Our innovative cloud-based platform, and our latest Insider Trading ManagerTM software, gives registrants and consultants more powerful tools to reduce compliance risk while enhancing the quality of their compliance programs,” said BasisCode Compliance President and CEO Carlos Guillen.  “This partnership with Cipperman Compliance also validates our leadership as the industry’s most extensive, integrated and advanced compliance management software available.”

About Cipperman Compliance Services LLC

Cipperman Compliance Services is a leading provider of holistic third party compliance services to the investment management industry.  CCS is one of the industry’s leading providers of regulatory compliance services for both registered advisers and funds. CSS offers a variety of services, including providing a designated CCO with support staff and program management, for a full range of clients who, combined, manage more than $40 billion in assets. CCS provides the expertise that ensures a quality overall compliance experience.  Given the visibility of regulatory oversight in today’s environment, Cipperman’s position as an independent partner is extremely valuable to fund sponsors and investment managers.  For more information, visit


About BasisCode

BasisCode Compliance LLC (, headquartered in Atlanta and founded in 2011, is a leading provider of regulatory compliance software solutions which help manage the risk lifecycle from identification to resolution. From core compliance to personal trading and insider trading, each BasisCode software solution is available as a stand-alone product or offered as part of an integrated package.  The company’s hallmark, audit-ready capability is available in all BasisCode solutions and helps firms maintain a culture of compliance.

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