Technology Release to Include New Launch Portal UI

Technology Release Notes

As part of our commitment to our Clients and Partners, continuous enhancement, and innovation across the BasisCode platform remains our priority. Below you will find a summary of the new features included in our new release.

What’s New?

Employee Launch Portal Upgrade: All the same capabilities with a more intuitive and flexible interface. Shortcuts provide quick access to the most utilized functions. Navigation bar enhancements allow for quick access to any available portal feature from any other page.

Generate Holdings from Trades: Is your company manually adding transactions and then having to create the holdings as well? This new feature allows you to calculate holdings based on transactions as they are entered, reducing data entry efforts while improving integrity.

Risk Category Approval Columns: Increase your efficiency across managing risk assessment entries now with quick review of the status of each Category’s approval state in the Risk Assessment Overview screen.

Trade Account Portal (TAP) Enhancements: New shortcuts added for easier accessibility, and new menu items provided to enable quicker completion of entries.

Insider Trading Case Management Updates: Case alert status change updates.

Governance + Audit Automation: Looking to automate more Governance and Audit Campaigns? When inside a campaign, a renewal link has been provided to allow you to easily start the next cycle. Appropriate for scheduling cycle campaigns such as branch and internal audit.

Did you see that video?: Explore BasisCode videos from webinars and training, whenever you want. A new “Help Video” library has been added to store these important resources.

Gift & Entertainment (GEM) Updates: New reports to offer more in-depth analysis of spending based on Relationships and Categories and enhancements to setting limits on the number of disclosures allowed in addition to the sum.

Various fixes, minor enhancements, and performance improvements.