NRS Spring

2021 Spring Conference

As you immerse yourself in the latest discussions on industry best practices at the 2021 NRS Spring Conference, BasisCode Compliance™ invites you join us to explore how to practically apply your compliance program utilizing our suite of compliance solutions.

Our comprehensive set of integrated compliance and risk management tools provides rapid design, deployment and continuous updating of controls. This effortlessly streamlines day-to-day management of compliance programs.

With the software’s flexibility and capacity to scale, it is an essential compliance solution for organizations of all sizes.

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Essentials & Personal Trading Managers

See how our powerful integrated compliance platform can transform your business.

Why BasisCode?

Trusted by 400+ Firms Globally

Simplifying the Compliance Process

99% Renewal Rate

Hear What Clients Are Saying about BasisCode

“BasisCode Compliance is a great all-around compliance system…As a result of the different modules of the system we have efficiently streamlined all of the Code of Ethics reporting, audits, tests, reviews and data that we are required to collect and store”

– Toni Gretsky, Brinker Capital

5 Ways BasisCode Keeps Your Data Safe + Secure

With BasisCode as your compliance management system, you never have to worry about the security of your data.

We take numerous measures to maintain security against outside parties’ unwanted attempts to access your data, as well as protect your privacy from those who do not have your consent to access your information.