The BasisCode Compliance software solutions automate and streamlines processing within a single platform. Instead of relying on labor-intensive and error-prone manual methodologies, you can allocate staff to tasks that require personal attention, and free them to focus on more profit-driving functions.

The browser-based BasisCode Compliance interface allows users to view and respond to cases online, generate alerts and route them to designated officers, facilitating teamwork and faster collaboration.

Benefits of BasisCode Compliance

  • Demonstrates to regulators and stakeholders that you have a comprehensive compliance program in place
  • Our solutions enhances management controls to mitigate regulatory and reputational risk
  • Promotes teamwork, inter-departmental collaboration, visibility, and process consistency
  • Provides processing flexibility, fluidity and scalability
  • Improves employee productivity and accountability
  • Increases cost-efficiency by consolidating vendors
  • Shares task management to reduce impact of employee turnover