BasisCode for Consultants

BasisCode Compliance developed a groundbreaking regulatory compliance management system geared specifically for compliance consulting firms. Our consulting software expands upon our award-recognized risk mitigation software developed originally to help financial and insurance providers manage their compliance programs more effectively.  BasisCode Compliance Consultant Manager standardizes service delivery and management of regulatory compliance programs while simultaneously providing consultants the ability to customize services on a client by client basis. It simplifies day-to-day functions and adds transparency to client processes and services resulting in improved profitability.

The BasisCode platform centralizes all compliance related data and risk mitigation processes, enabling consultants to more efficiently manage compliance programs on behalf of their clients.  The solution includes consultant specific functionality that streamlines the onboarding of new clients, standardizes service delivery, and adds transparency to processes and services while simultaneously increasing client touchpoints, and providing a means to measure performance across clients

Consultants can manage their entire client base using a single dynamic compliance dashboard:

  • Display a consolidated view of compliance action items across multiple clients
  • Design custom predefined tests, risk assessments, forms and certifications
  • Create Multi-client setup and instantly toggle between client views
  • Advertise services via BasisCode Marketplace

Clients want to know that their consultants are efficiently delivering the service in an easily reportable format at the time of examination or audit. Our web-based portal allows consultants to collaborate with individuals and organizations easily and securely, creating transparency and strengthening client relationships.

Benefits of BasisCode Compliance for Consultants include:

  • Creation of a more competitive consulting practice
  • Makes your consulting practice more competitive
  • Enhanced compliance management controls
  • Improved staff performance and productivity
  • Increased operational efficiency and scalability

BasisCode also provides the opportunity for consultants to participate in a cafeteria type program to advertise their compliance products and services to existing BasisCode clients.

The BasisCode Marketplace allows users of BasisCode Compliance to view the profiles, products, and services of participating consulting firms, and engage with them directly.

BasisCode CEO, Carlos Guillen, recently moderated a webinar hosted by the National Society of Compliance Professionals (NSCP) which brought together leading compliance professionals and consultants who shared insights on how to best utilize compliance consultants. The expert panel explored issues regarding when to hire a third-party compliance consultant; what types of work can be done; how to evaluate consultants; and differences between a fully-outsourced consulting relationship versus project support.

We invite you to listen to the NSCP webinar below.