BasisCode Compliance LLC Announces New Platform Release with Filer Module, Multi-Language Support and Notes Enhancement

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, April 1, 2021 / —

The latest BasisCode Compliance™ platform release launches a Filer Module, Multi-Lingual Support in the launch portal, and a new Notes feature to further enhance the robust compliance technology management platform.

“These enhancements are a welcome addition for clients across the BasisCode platform,” says Carlos Guillen, President and CEO. “Each innovation is designed to make the job of compliance officers and consultants easier, more accurate and efficient, and audit-ready.”

New BasisCode Compliance™ Enhancements

 Filer Module for 13F Reporting

In its initial limited release for current clients, Filer will support the 13F reporting requirement. The system is designed to analyze a firm’s holdings against the SEC’s list of securities required for 13F quarterly filings. Filer then evaluates reportable holdings and automatically generates the 13F file required by Edgar.

Risk & Compliance Benefits of the BasisCode Filer

Here are just three ways the BasisCode Filer Module can help firms more effectively fulfill reporting obligations:

  1. Alleviates the burdens of preparing quarterly 13F reports, and dependency on third parties or partners.
  2. Provides users access to all their data in real time with the technological interface.
  3. Helps increase the accuracy of disclosed reportable securities to SEC, as opposed to reporting more information than required.

“The addition of Filer supports BasisCode’s mission of enabling an audit-ready business. As many firms are beginning to pivot from Form ADV Filing season to preparing 13F Reports, we’re excited to launch Filer this quarter to support 13F filings with our clients, in anticipation of being able to support new, direct user firms in their Q2 reports,” says Guillen.

Multi-Lingual Support & Functionality

BasisCode has added multi-language functionality in its launch portal to accommodate its growing base of international clients. In release 8.2, the Dutch, French and Spanish languages have been deployed and additional languages can easily be enabled based upon jurisdictional requirements.

Create & Share Notes Feature

BasisCode added a new Notes enhancement within its compliance ecosystem, providing compliance officers with the opportunity to more readily and efficiently engage with one another through the application. With Notes, teams can collectively create and share to-do lists and feedback, enhancing calendar views, and enabling their audit-readiness.

Based on client requests, this release also includes several other key enhancements to the BasisCode platform including web, mobile and API additions.

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About Basis Code Compliance: Founded in 2011, BasisCode Compliance LLC is the first compliance software company to reverse engineer a complete governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solution, including Code of Ethics administration. The scalable, fully integrated and always audit-ready software platform manages the risk lifecycle from identification to resolution, enhancing compliance controls and decision-making to safeguard each firm and its clients. Over 400 organizations globally rely on BasisCode.

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