Consultant’s Corner

Welcome to Consultant's Corner

Join us throughout our Consultant’s Corner interview series as we speak with some of the industry’s leading Consultants to offer high impact tips and practical advice on many of the key issues we’re finding compliance teams struggling to navigate.

In our first Consultant’s Corner Interview: “How to Survive a Regulatory Exam,” our guest Mimi LeGaye, President of MGL Consulting, shares with Carlos Guillen key strategies that enable success in regulatory exams in the current compliance environment.

The SEC has increased enforcement actions on cybersecurity and Brian Hahn, Founder of MTradecraft, shares expert insight on the cybersecurity risks compliance officers need to know in this new Consultant’s Corner interview with BasisCode CEO Carlos Guillen.

Henry “Hank” Sanchez, Esq., Managing Director of the Bates Group, talks with Carlos Guillen on Consultant’s Corner about what you should consider when outsourcing compliance programs and also discusses key technology compliance solutions and the new trends we will see in 2022.

Michelle Jacko, CEO of Core Compliance and Managing Partner of Jacko Law Group, PC, shares five best practices to ensure year-end preparation and guide 2022 compliance excellence.