BasisCode Newsletter Archive

May 2016

BasisCode Compliance introduces industry-first compliance management software self-subscription service

BasisCode Compliance today introduced the industry’s first self-subscription service that makes compliance management software more easily accessible to small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The service helps level the playing field for financial firms and consultants that may not otherwise have the resources to implement a comprehensive automated compliance management platform to reduce regulatory risk. “With BasisCode’s self-subscription service, we got up and running in less than a month without the risk and overhead of customizing or installing software in-house,” said Debbie Powell, CCO, HA&W Wealth Management. (read the full story)

March 2016

Compliance controls top FINRA focus for 2016

The quality of a firm’s compliance controls is climbing higher on the priority stack in both the boardroom and on regulators’ examination checklists. In February, for instance, the founder and CEO of a multi-billion dollar human resources software company stepped down over inadequate compliance procedures and internal controls. The same month, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) urged firms to review their supervisory and compliance controls as a top focus for the year. (read the full story)

December 2015


Managing the convergence of compliance and technology

Citigroup recently agreed to pay a $15 million penalty for failing to enforce compliance breaches that technology could have prevented. As evidenced by such high-profile cases, even some of the leading financial firms overlook the role that technology can play in avoiding costly compliance failures. (read the full story)